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Smart Hotel Wireless Automatic Solutions
With our smart locks, smart lighting and security products, we deliver an unique wireless smart hotel automatic solution with the latest wireless smart control technology. It will bring a fantastic experience for hotel guests and reduce the running cost and energy consumption for hotel operators.
Warm Welcome

During the check-in process or guests heading to the room,  the system will automatically activate the “Welcome” scene: lights turn on, room temperature is set right, music plays, drapes open, and the TV displays a personalized greeting welcoming guests to the room.
After Hours Self Check-in

When hotel gets after hour guests, our after hour self check-in system can automatically do the security check and open the door for the guest. Hotel does not need to organise staff or 3rd party company to open door for  after hour guests.
Smart Lighting and Curtains

With our wireless smart lights or smart switch / controllers, guest can auto control, one touch control or voice control the lights and curtains from anywhere. Hotel can auto control the lights when guests are away to reduce the electricity bill.
Thermostats Control and Energy Efficiency

With smart sensors and timer function, the system can automatically manage energy effectively and efficiently with more accurate occupancy control. It will detect the occupancy and set thermostats back, and turn off lights automatically to reduce energy waste.
Enjoy Personalized Experience with a Touch Screen Tablet or Smart TV

With a touch screen tablet or smart TV, guests can control the devices on the tip of a finger, create their own custom experience. Goodbye alarm clocks and wake-up calls. Guests can schedule their rise with sunshine, a favorite TV show, or music, and a “Goodnight” button bedside puts the room to sleep. With pre-installed APPs, guest can easily find restaurants, parks nearby.
Seamless Integration and Control with other hotel management system

Provide guests with one-touch automation experiences and seamless control of in-room devices. Guests can request services conveniently from the home screen of a touch screen, immediately notifying hotel staff.
3A Smart Hotel Automation Management  System
3A Smart Hotel Automation Management System is designed for hotel/apartment adminstrators to monitor and manage smart guest rooms from office and reception desk.

​- Auto Guest Warm Welcome Setting

- Guest room automatic setting

- Guest room thermostats and energy control

- One-key to clear guest scene and automation setting after checking out 
3A Smart Hotel Automation Home Page
- Overview smart room devices working status through blue, red and black color. For example, blue color means some devices are operating or turning on in the room.

- Click the room button can view the details or control the devices of the smart room.

3A Smart Hotel Automation Room Management
​- Show smart room temperature and humidity

- Overview the status of smart devices, scenes and automation tasks

- Monitor the smoke, water leaking warning 

- Directly operate (turn on/off)the smart devices

- Click the "Clear Guest Setting" button to clear theguest settings.

3A Smart Hotel Automation Clear Guest Settings
After guest checking out, you just one key to clear guest all settings and recover the default automations for next guest.